ID Laser Cladding

ID Laser Cladding Tools and Services

We offer a full line of rugged, versatile ID laser cladding tools as well as in-house laser cladding & welding services.



Our ID Laser Cladding Tools

Nittany Laser Technologies' rugged and reliable ID laser cladding tools are ideal for bores or tubes and can clad in diameters as narrow as 2” (50mm). Benefits and features of our tools include:

  • High deposition rates
  • The longest reach in the industry
  • Quickly interchangeable between powder/wire/hotwire filler materials
  • Unique 45° beam exit angle which allows cladding of both cylinder walls and seating surfaces.

Nittany Laser Technologies’ tools have been extensively tested and are in use in production facilities around the world. Our customers are highly satisfied and report excellent cladding results including higher deposition rates, less down time, and greater ease of use compared with other ID laser cladding tools.

Why Laser Cladding?

The laser cladding process, which uses laser heat to deposit an alloy addition onto a substrate, results in a full metallurgical bond with a small heat affected zone and minimal dilution. Laser cladding dramatically improves surface wear and corrosion, increases lifetime of critical parts, and can also be used to repair damaged components to better-than-new condition. See our full list of the advantages of laser cladding over other processes.