Product Specifications

The DBCH-1500 is a rugged, versatile laser cladding tool ideal for bores or tubes. A wide range of powder materials can be used for high quality coatings.This tool is rated for 1800 watts of laser power for continuous operation. 75+% powder capture efficiency and excellent optic life make this a very economical tool. The head features a unique 45° laser beam exit angle which allows cladding of both cylinder walls and seating surfaces, and greatly reduces back reflections into the head.

DBCH-1500 Video

Benefits / Advantages

  • Rated to 1800 watts
  • Able to clad internal diameters as small as 1.5 inches (38 mm)
  • Clad to depths of 9 inches (230 mm) or greater possible
  • Compatible with solid state lasers such as Nd.YAG or Fiber lasers
  • Excellent powder capture efficiency
  • Stays cool even when operating at full power in a preheated bore
  • Produces excellent clads in any orientation without changing process parameters
  • Coaxial gas provides shielding and prevents damage to optics
  • Compatible with QB, QD, or Q5 fiber optic cables
  • Compatible with any powder feeder