Product Specifications

The DBCH-2500 is a rugged, versatile ID laser cladding tool ideal for bores or tubes 2.5” (64mm) in diameter or greater. A wide range of alloy materials can be used in either powder or wire form. This tool features a unique 45° laser beam exit angle which allows cladding of both cylinder walls and seating surfaces, keeps the cover window further from the melt pool, and greatly reduces back reflections into the head. This innovation also greatly increases the life of the cover window, reducing down time and replacement costs. The remote filler material adjustment axis allows the operator to adjust the wire or powder position in real time.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Rated to 4 kW
  • Standard reach: 60" (custom reach of 20'+ available)
  • Quickly interchangeable between powder, wire, and hotwire filler materials
  • High power / high deposition rates
  • Flexible design: operator can adjust clad track width and tool standoff distance
  • Cover window monitor alerts the operator if the cover window needs to be replaced
  • Remotely controlled axis for fine tuning fill material placement within the melt pool (for bores >= 3.00”)
  • Compatible with solid state lasers such as Nd.YAG/Disk or Fiber lasers
  • Protective cover window is easily replaced
  • Stays cool even when operating at full power in a preheated bore