Product Specifications

The NLC-2500 is a compact, reliable, economical OD laser cladding tool.  This tool features an adjustable spot size from 1 to 8 mm making it a very versatile cladding tool.   This clad head is rated for 2500 watts continuous power.  The cover lens and focusing optics were chosen to be both reliable and economical, so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.  The compact design makes it possible to clad hard-to-access surfaces.  The NLC-2500 can be used with a very wide range of powder materials.


Benefits / Advantages

  • Rated to 2500 watts
  • Adjustable laser spot size (1 to 8mm diameter)
  • High reliability
  • Compatible with solid state lasers such as Nd.YAG, Fiber & Fiber Coupled Diode lasers
  • Low purchase and maintenance costs
  • Protective cover window is easily replaced